Nicknames for Grandmothers

Looking for nicknames for Grandmothers, here you will find names for your grandchildren to call you. Browse our list and pick one that best describes you as you become a grandparent. Plus share in my journey of becoming a grandmother.

After my intial excitement of learning that I was going to be a Grandmother, my thoughts turn to what will I be called, what are the nicknames? My son laughed, how about Grannie he said. No, not Grannie that sounds to old. The nickname, Grandmother sounded far to formal, Nanny, well that is my Mum. This is something I had never thought of before; what will I be called? There was no hesitation for my husband; my daughter-in-law quickly said he was definitely a Grampie. But, I knew for sure I was not a Grannie. The next day, after giving my name some thought, Grampie and I sat down and put together a list of nicknames, or different names for grandmothers. The name I choose from our list of nicknames for my soon to be Grandmother status? Nana

My Story - how I found out I was going to be a Grandmother:
My son and daughter in law arrived unexpectedly at our home one evening. While we were surprised to see them, as always, we were delighted they stopped in. My daughter-in-law was carrying a gift bag. And, she handed the bag to me. This gift bag made me stop and think, it wasn't my birthday, nor was it Mother's Day, so what was this special occasion that they brought me a gift? Opening the bag, I was delighted to find a bag of my favourite candies, but then below the candies was another bag. What is this I wondered? Pulling it out of the bag, I realized it was a pregnancy test. I looked at my daughter-in-law and then my son, "Oh my" I said it over and over. I was so excited, it was like a feeling I have never had before. It was similar to hearing for the first time that I was pregnant, but this was even better!

Updated: April 10, 2013

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While discussing nicknames, Gramps and I also came up with some different names for grandmothers. If you do not want a traditional Grandmother name, you may find the perfect name on our what are some different names for grandmother page.

Picking a name can be challenging. However, no matter what name you choose, that new special baby will end up calling you what they decide. But, truly, no matter what my new grandchild calls me, it really doesn't matter because I know I will love them with all my heart!

Here are some nicknames for Grandmother: (including different spelling variations)
Amie; Bamma; Banma; Cocu; Dama; Emma; Fama; Gamma; Gannie; GM; Gmum; Gram; Grammy; Grand (your first name); Grandie; Grandma; Grandmama; Grandmamere; Grand-mère ; Grandmom; Grandmum; Grandone; Granma; Grannie; Granny; Grannymama; Hama; Imy; Kikie; Lale; Mame; Mamum; Mémére; Mummum; Nan; Nana; Nanny; Nannie; Nanny; Nany Ninna; Oma; Pammuy; Rummy; Samma; Tiffy; Wimie; YaYa

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"We need to love our family for who they are and not what they do."
Karen McDuffy

Learning that we were going to have a grandchild, filled me with joy, hope, excitement, and a feeling that I can't describe - perhaps a love that is all encompassing. Truly, no words can describe the thoughts of this newborn becoming part of our family. The cycle of life now has new meaning for us.

What Are Grandmas For?

Grandmas are for stories
about things of long ago.
Grandmas are for caring.
about all the things you know....
Grandmas are for rocking you.
and singing you to sleep..
Grandmas are for giving you.
nice memories to keep....
Grandmas are for knowing.
all the things you're dreaming of....
But, most importantly of all,.
Grandmas are for love.

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We have many favorite sayings but when thinking of grandchildren, our favorite saying is now:

"If I had known grandchildren were so much fun, I would have had them first."

We couldn't agree more with this saying. It has been over three years since we had our first grandchild, and now we have three of them. All of them adding joy and sunshine to our lives. To see the eyes through a child is an amazing thing.

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